Norway builds world’s tallest moose statue, besting Moose Jaw

An “a-moose-ing” competition has broken out between the city of Moose Jaw, Sask. and Norway.

For years, Moose Jaw’s “Mac the Moose” was the tallest moose statue in the world until the Norwegians built their own structure that stands on a highway between Oslo and Trondheim.

Mac the Moose is almost 10 metres tall, but its Norwegian counterpart is taller by 30 centimetres.

Since news broke that Moose Jaw had lost its record, the city’s mayor, Fraser Tolmie, posted a video on Youtube to crowdsource ideas on how to make Mac the Moose taller.

In response, the mayor of Stor-Elvdal, Norway posted their own message, saying they will do whatever it takes to make sure they keep their world record.