Newfoundland adventurer launches series to document 700-km wilderness trek

One man and his dog set out to conquer the Newfoundland wilderness — and now he wants to share his journey with the world.

Adventurer Justin Barbour recently started releasing the first episodes of a six-part YouTube series — called “Man & Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness” — that documents his epic 700-kilometre bushcraft camping trip.

Barbour and his dog, Saku, embarked in spring 2017 to explore some of the most remote parts of Newfoundland. They traveled via snowshoe, Alpacka raft and on foot.

“We encountered frequent wildlife while battling desolate barrens, thick bush, mountain ranges, storms, sub-zero temperatures, raging whitewater, massive lakes, the Atlantic Ocean and monster trout,” Barbour wrote on his YouTube channel.

“Often we were days of man-power travel away from civilization. It was a big challenge and an unforgettable blessing.”

In 68 days, the duo traveled from the west coast of the island to Cape Broyle and documented the entire journey with cameras.

Click here to see an interactive map of Barbour’s journey.