Conservationist group discovers ‘Mossome Grove’

Photos courtesy of the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance

Conservationists have found what they are calling the “most magnificent and photogenic” forest on Vancouver Island, but for the moment it’s for their eyes only.

The Endangered Ecosystems Alliance said it first came across the 13-hectare area, populated by ancient-looking trees covered in thick green moss and ferns, in October. The conservationists later returned in December to explore more.

The group posted photos of the lush forest — which it nicknamed Mossome Grove — but said its location will remain hidden until the provincial government provides assurances that the land will be protected from commercial logging and trampling.

Ken Wu, the executive director of the Endangered Ecosystems Alliance said in a press release that the forest was the “most magnificent and stunningly beautiful” old-growth forest he had ever seen.

“Hollywood could not make a more stunning, picture-perfect forest than this one,” Wu said.

The group said it should be able to keep the location secret due to the grove’s limited size and the fact that there are no trails leading to it.