Decision coming on Halifax CFL stadium by July 1

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Halifax football fans should know by Canada Day whether their city will get a CFL team.

One of the principle owners of the proposed franchise, Anthony LeBlanc, told the Chronicle Herald that he expects the Halifax Regional Council to consider their proposal to build a new stadium in late spring, and that the group will finalize its plan shortly after.

“Everybody agrees that we have to figure out if this is a go or a no-go by the midpoint of this year,” he said.

LeBlanc and his partners have been negotiating the purchase of a plot of land that they hope will serve as the home of a 24,000-seat stadium for the franchise — the Atlantic Schooners.

The cost of the facility was first estimated between $170 million and $190 million, but the group has revised that amount to $130 million.

The Schooners are expected to start playing in Moncton in 2020, while the new stadium is being built in Halifax.

Halifax man claims world record by gobbling up 19 donairs in an hour

Dreams can come true.

A 23-year-old Nova Scotia man has set what he says is a world record by eating 19 donairs in an hour.

Competitive eater Joel Hansen filmed himself mowing down on the Halifax specialty at a restaurant and then posted the video on YouTube.

“I was very full to say the least,” Hansen told Halifax Today. “Let’s say the rest of the night was maybe not the most comfortable situation, but the next morning I was feeling absolutely fine.”

Hansen said the challenge cost him just over $150.